Nieuwvliet-Bad and Cadzand with Children: Activities and Holiday Parks in the Area

Curious about what there is to do in Cadzand with children? Plenty! You can head to the beach, go kayaking, and explore various small-scale attractions. Additionally, it’s easy to visit different charming towns and cities like Sluis and Bruges. Cadzand is situated in the far southwest of the Netherlands, in the province of Zeeland, close to the Belgian border.

It’s a true seaside resort, but of course, you can also enjoy a brisk walk here outside the summer season. Haven’t booked accommodation in Cadzand yet? There are really many holiday parks in Cadzand. Let me share our top three recommendations with you:

  1. Roompot Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad: A large swimming paradise and indoor playground, making it suitable for a holiday all year round.
  2. Europarcs Cadzand: A small-scale park right by the beach with charming modern cottages.
  3. Dormio Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad or Dormio Strandresort Nieuwvliet-Bad: Luxury holiday parks with indoor swimming pools.

What to do in Cadzand with children


Visit the beaches of Cadzand and Nieuwvliet-Bad: Both beaches are renowned for their natural beauty and inviting atmosphere. The sand is soft and clean, and the water doesn’t recede too quickly, making it suitable for children to play. During the summer months, lifeguards are present on the beach.

Cadzand beach the Netherlands playground pirate ship

Along the coastline, you’ll find beach pavilions and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat and drink. One of the most enjoyable options to visit during a vacation in Cadzand with children is the beach tent “De Piraat“, where you’ll find a charming pirate ship playground.

If you’re up for something different, you can book a beachcombing excursion. Together with a guide, you’ll venture out with a backpack filled with field research materials: a large shark tooth sieve, a magnifying glass, and of course, a map to identify the shells, algae, birds, and plants you encounter along the way.

Cadzand beach the Netherlands

Nature area’s near Cadzand

Groese Polders and Groede Podium

The Groese Polders natural area is situated to the east of Nieuwvliet-Bad by the sea. It’s a great spot for taking longer walks with children. Along the route through this recreational nature area, you’ll encounter various playgrounds and fun attractions, such as log bridges, floating platforms, and wooden walkways.

Begin your walk at Groede Podium, where you’ll find a play and bunker park located within former battery bunkers of the Atlantikwall. There’s also a cafĂ© with a bouncy castle here. Even if it’s closed, you can still play here in the winter. There are poles that provide information about the bunkers. You operate these with a foot pedal. Keep pressing, and you’ll hear the story.

Groese Polder Zeeland The Netherlands

Verdronken Zwarte Polder (Drowned Black Polder)

The VerdronkenZwarte Polder is a nature reserve located between Cadzand and Nieuwvliet-Bad. The area features several boardwalks where you can observe the numerous birds that breed in the Verdronken Zwarte Polder nature reserve.

Verdronken land

The Zwin

The Zwin nature reserve is situated west of Cadzand and spans across the border into Belgium. It’s a dune area perfect for cycling, with routes winding through gently rolling dunes where you can spot birds, rabbits, and amphibians. In the spring, you’ll likely hear the call of the tree frog.

The Nieuwe Sluis lighthouse

The Nieuwe Sluis lighthouse, dating back to 1868, is the oldest surviving cast iron lighthouse in the Netherlands. Located in Breskens, this octagonal tower, painted in black and white, has become a popular spot for taking photos. The five-story tower is regularly open to visitors on weekends during the summer season.

While you’re visiting the lighthouse, consider exploring the charming town of Breskens, which offers a variety of restaurants, including Liefs Lies, a delightful spot known for its organic and vegan options.

Don’t miss out on visiting the town of Sluis as well, especially during the lively summer months.


Looking for some active fun? You can go canoeing in the Cadzand area through Buitengewoon Actief. One of our writers and her family enjoy a lovely route along ditches between the meadows. Sometimes you may need to duck to pass under a low bridge. It’s not possible to make a complete loop, so you paddle the same route back.

This means you can opt for a shorter trip with young children or a longer one with older kids.

Canoeing Cadzand

Pierewiet Play Farm

If you’re with young children in Nieuwvliet-Bad, Pierewiet Play Farm is a fun outing. It’s a children’s farm with playground equipment. On a nice day, you can enjoy outdoor activities with bikes, go-karts, swings, a seesaw, a trampoline, and a small bouncy castle. There’s also a mini-golf course, and of course, catering facilities are available.

If the weather is less favorable, you can always visit the indoor playground. In the technical attic, children can do crafts and make things under supervision. Be sure to check the website for opening hours, as they may be limited during the fall and winter.

Family Paradise Eelde, Pancakes, Play, and Maze

Another option to visit is Family Paradise Eelde. This combines the pancake farm ‘T Krekeltje with both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Here, you can slide, climb, swing, play in the playhouse, jump on the bouncy castle, and much more. From the terrace, you have a good view of the playground, so you can relax with a drink while your children play.

You’ll also find the Victoria Maze here. This isn’t just a large maze but also several smaller mazes, such as the water maze, children’s maze, adventure maze, panel maze, and go-kart maze!

Toversluis Family Fun Park

Toversluis Family Fun Park is a versatile recreational park. It’s also a great option for a rainy day. In addition to the large outdoor playground with bouncy castle, go-karts, and climbing frames, there are indoor activities too. You can go bowling and play laser tag. There are catering facilities available, and they offer many packages with a combination of activities and food.

Trip to Knokke or Bruges

Take a Trip to Knokke or Bruges From Nieuwvliet-Bad or Cadzand, you’re very close to Belgium. A trip to Knokke or Bruges is easily done!

City of brugge view from belfort

Holiday Parks in Cadzand and Nieuwvliet-Bad

Holiday Parks in Cadzand and Nieuwvliet-Bad There are plenty of holiday parks in both Cadzand and Nieuwvliet-Bad. Whether you want to know about the best holiday park in Nieuwvliet-Bad or you’re looking for an affordable option in Cadzand, we’ve outlined the key differences for you. We’ve stayed overnight at several parks ourselves.

If you’re looking for a child-friendly holiday park with many amenities, such as an indoor playground and a large swimming pool, your best choices are Roompot Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad or Dormio Strandresort Nieuwvliet-Bad. If you want all those amenities plus an extra luxurious cottage, perhaps with a private pool, then Dormio Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad is the way to go. As for location, it doesn’t matter much; all three of these parks are located next to each other.

Roompot beach resort nieuwvliet bad swimming pool

Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad St Pierre is a slightly older and therefore more affordable park. If you stay here, you’re allowed to use the facilities at Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad.

If you prefer a smaller-scale park with beautiful modern cottages and don’t need facilities like a swimming pool, then EuroParcs Cadzand and EuroParcs Bad MeerSee are two good options. The advantage of EuroParcs Cadzand is that you can walk directly to the sea; it’s a bit further to walk from the other park.

Europarcs Cadzand

Molecaten Park Hoogduin is a park with beach houses and chalets. There’s no swimming pool here either. It’s a more budget-friendly option in this region.

If you’d like to camp or stay at a holiday home campsite, then the 5-star child-friendly camping Zonneweelde is a good choice. Here, there’s an outdoor swimming pool and plenty of play opportunities.

Finally, you can also opt for Noordzee RĂ©sidence Cadzand-Bad, a fairly large park with cottages by an inland waterway and a nice playground. There’s no indoor swimming pool here.

Need more tips for this area? Check out our blog about Zeeland with children.

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